September, September.

5 Sep
I’m still trying to recover from this past week, and also prep for the weeks and months to come.

So many projects to think about, so little time.
Here’s the breakdown of everything I have going on right now:

+ 2 Short Films – Costumes & Make-up – One shooting next week, another next month.
+ 1 Play – Costumes/Make-up & Musical Directing – Opens in November
+ Magazine Project with Sean
+ School Starts Next Month
+ Working on Screenplay(s)
+ New Band with Hannah
+ Anything else that strikes my fancy.

You’re probably thinking, girl, you crazy. Whachu thinkin’?!
I guess you can blame the Gemini in me, but what would really drive me crazy is if I didn’t have anything to do.

I do have a history of overloading myself, but I just like the excitment, the sleepless nights, the overall rush.

Wrapping up $5 Cover this past week was sad; so many new friends made in such a short amount of time. The wrap party was like the last “Hurrah”: absolute insanity, I tell you. I’m still reeling from it all, and I left early, I’m sure it got plenty more interesting after that too. Ah well, I guess that’s what it feels like to have responsibility. I did get to sing one karaoke song though with my friend Hannah, my wingman for the night, haha. Goodness, I hadn’t sang karaoke since I went back to Japan a couple years ago – my most recent trip being this past Spring. I’d say the wrap party topped that karaoke experience though. Man… what… singing? Dancing? Shenanigans? Good memories for sure. Saw a little sneak-peek of the finished product, which should be out sometime this Winter, I believe? You should be excited, ’cause I am. I’m sure you’ll get a glimpse of me on the screen too. Hehe. My MTV debut?

So Bumbershoot is this weekend – actually it started today.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go all three days, none of the entertainment really popped out to me. Then again, I didn’t go to Bumbershoot last year, I guess I could try to go either tomorrow or Monday. It’s not so much any one particular thing that makes Bumbershoot something I want to attend, it’s the entire experience. I am a bit strapped for cash though… yet, I really do want to go…the crowds, the people, sights, sounds, smells. You never know what can happen.

Today is my best friend Kendra’s Birthday, 18 I thought I’d give her a little shout out. I love that girl.

And tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating with my other good friend Katie, for her 19th birthday. Not quite sure what’s in store yet, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe we’ll go to Canada, Katie likes Canada.

Probably not.


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