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POTD: 10.5.10

5 Oct

Time is flying…

Well, I survived my first week of Cosmetology School, but unfortunately I’m out sick today with a cold.

Hopefully I’ll recover and get back to the swing of things tomorrow…

In the meantime… ’tis the season for spooks.

Has everybody figured out their costumes yet? I’m still thinking of ideas…

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere

I remember being a black cat one year.

Sleepy Times in Poulsbo + Julie & Julia: A Brief Review

15 Aug
Isn’t Ben just adorable? I snapped this shot of him late yesterday afternoon as we were all drifting off on the couch. He has the tendency to stick his tongue out when he’s tired.
The weather has been fairly Autumnal lately, and with chilly weather comes a want to stay in and be lazy where it’s nice and warm (at least for me). As per usual, I’ve been missing the sunny warmer days; though this cold and rainy weather has served as a great excuse for me to even further postpone my going out and exercising – unfortunately, my waistline is beginning to pay the price. It seems the Summer slump has been hitting me hard lately, but I don’t really mind. Every person deserves a few lazy days every once in a while.
For the past couple of days I haven’t seen much of the outside world apart from an afternoon outing to see Julie & Julia with my mother today. As I filed into the theatre to save a good seat for my mother and I, it quickly dawned on me that I may have been the youngest person coming to view the film. Though, it’s not surprising, seeing that the Julia Child generation was long before my time, the movie would obviously be catered toward the more aged population that can better appreciate the Post-war, and McCarthy references. Nevertheless, I can honestly say the film was, for lack of a better word, heartwarming, and I learned more about Julia Child in two hours than I had learned in my lifetime. Although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “foodie”, nevertheless a chef, I can still appreciate the trials and tribulations of the kitchen as experienced by both Julie and Julia. Many a time I have attempted to make a dish that turned out less than savory, but the persistence of both characters gave me a push to spend a little more time in the kitchen… who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise myself. Meryl Streep’s performance of Julia Child was, as always, convincing and entertaining, while Amy Adams was quite a charm to behold. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie and I believe it can be said for old and young alike; and I must of course comment on the wardrobe and makeup, which in my opinion was impeccable – the Julia Child dresses and shoes where to die for! Many laughs, some tears, and I left the movie absoloutely craving something french to eat (but no luck there, we had ravioli for dinner…)