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POTD: 7.18.10

18 Jul

I’m at my parents home for the weekend and spending some time relaxing. I’ll get around to working at some point…

All I smell is delicious bruschetta in the background and my mouth is watering.

So hungry…

Such perfect summer food…


Here’s a link to a basic recipe for anyone interested.


POTD: 7.16.10

16 Jul

Went out to the Bite of Seattle with Jason and my Mom today. Had some good food and wandered around, sun didn’t come out until later today though.

I like going out to festivals… just not so much the big crowds, but I guess they go hand in hand for the most part.

I guess it would make sense that today’s POTD would be something related to food…but this caught my eye instead.

"I brush my Teeth!" - Bułeczka

This is just ridiculous.

Ridiculously cute.

Sakura Mochi – Vlogcast 4

23 Sep

VLOG update for the day:


Sakura Mochi – for those wanting to know what it looks like.


I must find it!