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Back to the VLOG!

29 Sep

I know it’s been quite a while… here’s a very quick update from me to you!

More to come soon!


POTD: 8.21.10

21 Aug

Man, I’ve really been slacking on this blog.


It’s been a busy few weeks with filming, plays, and other personal … stuff.

It’s a good busy though, hectic, but good.

I had a little free time yesterday evening before going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with the boyfriend (which was awesome, by the way), so I went into the downtown Nordstrom’s and drooled over all the bags and shoes I can’t afford.

I noticed a bit of a trend in the shoe section. Military style boots looked like they were coming back. Knee highs, ankle boots, with heels, without heels, leather, patent leather, red, black, brown…
Personally, I really love that laced up look. Once I get some money I’m gonna snag me a pair…

On another note… what’s with all the gap-toothed models these days? I’m not really a fan.

On quite the unrelated note…

This is a really cute puppy. 🙂

Through the eyes of a puppy

End of Summer Nightcap – Vlogcast 3

22 Sep

Just a little update on my evening.

I’m very excited to get working this week!

Happy end of Summer.
Tomorrow, comes Fall.

Late Night Munchies

23 Aug
(Bad Webcam pic #652 – BCBG Maxazria Sweater)
Right now, I’m watching the last bit of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on ABC family, and chomping on some vegetable chips. A few minutes ago, I was watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”, with my mother; Painfully reliving the horrid dating truth that is that movie, every single moment. My mother made some very delicious Panna Cotta tonight, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite desserts, and not to mention, it’s healthy too. I suppose I thought I’d get a bit of writing in as I’ll be very much busy again tomorrow. What’s in store for tomorrow, you ask? Well, first off I’ll be going to a brunch and then see a matinee showing of Das Barbecü with my good friend Liz, at the ACT theatre. Shortly after, I’ll be running off to Easy Street records for yet another MTV filming for $5 Cover Seattle, I’m very excited as it seems Ben the Extras Coordinator is handing me the reigns for the afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes!

In other news, the shoot I went to the other day ended up being a dud, as the model never showed. Unfortunate, but it happens sometimes; However, it gave photographer friend Sean and I some time to brainstorm his latest endeavors and go out for some great lunch.

As far as the Project Runway premiere – which was fantastic by the way – I am very excited to see what else these designers can do. As far as the first person eliminated, Ari Fish, I feel she should have gotten a second chance. I must admit, what she created wasn’t exactly Red-Carpet-Ready; she seemed to have way more creativity than most others in that work room. But, I’m not the judge, so oh well… It was also nice to see another Seattlite in the mix, Logan Neitzel, fingers crossed he will do well in the show and bring some of that Seattle pride to L.A.

I can already sense I’m drifting off, so I’ll keep this short –

Have a good weekend.

Good Night.


Water, Hair, and Some Very Good Popcorn…

4 Aug
Thought I’d take a little break from bargain tips today as I’ve got a fair bit happening. I’m on the ferry right now heading back from Seattle, munching on leftover popcorn (that is quickly turning stale but it’s still SOO GOOD! This popcorn most have crack in it or something, I can’t STOP munching!) after viewing a screening of A Water Tale directed by SJ Chiro. It is one of five short films that screened tonight at the Northwest Film Forum. I was quite excited to see this little film as several months ago I had helped in part of the movie-making magic when I secured myself a sort of “internship” being an assistant to the films costume designer, Doris Black. Doris wasn’t always able to be on set due to her young twins, and that is where I came in. I stayed on set while she wasn’t able to be and took on the responsibility of making sure the costumes looked just right for every take.
This had been my very first film-making experience, and I loved it; even when I had to stand outside in the drizzle and rain in near freezing temperatures (or babsit the talent), I was there doing my job. Thanks to this experience I’ve been able to land more film jobs doing costuming as well as make-up from the connections I made, and hopefully there will be even more jobs in the future.
And I’ve gotta admit, the film turned out pretty darn good, and I’m super proud to have been a part of the production. It was great having a mini reunion with the cast and crew tonight too.
In other news, I got a haircut.
And my, I think it turned out quite fabulous. I had been planning on growing my hair out all summer, but it started to become a bit too unruly and to be truthful, not very healthy. So, I decided to take a bit of a drastic change.I had the dead ends chopped off and went back to my natural dark roots and added a bit of excitement with a caramel chunk in my bangs. I got the idea for the hair coloring when I went to Japan this past spring to visit family, there was this model in a television commercial who had fab hair, kinda like what I have now, and I’d been dying for the ‘do ever since.
Haircuts are probably one of the very few things I’m willing to drop a chunk of cash on. And yes, I’ve cut and dyed my own hair in the past but I decided it’s best to leave my hair to the professionals, at least until I get my cosmetology license (if that ever happens…)
Nevertheless, I don’t like to walk into a snooty and expensive hair salon if I can get the same result somewhere cheaper, so I go to Hairmasters (so what?), and I’ve been quite happy with the results every time I’ve gone and I’m saving a crap ton of money.
There’s a mini tip for you, don’t mess with the expensive salons, even if you go to a cheaper chain, you’re most likely to get the same kind of expert, designer products and the stylists most likely have had the same training as the ones you’ll find in the more expensive salons. Some of the girls I’ve talked to at Hairmasters have gone to school at Aveda or Gary Manuel, so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing (at least I hope so).
Well the ferry is docking, and I must get going.
Until next time.
See ya’ll around.