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Changes Changes…

24 Jun

Stylish in Seattle will be retiring it’s name this Summer… It’s been great to be able to share this blog with you all, but never fear! I’ll be back this Fall with my new blog The Makeup Session.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new and exciting stuff! I’ll keep mum on the details for now…


A Change… and Photos!

16 Nov

So today, I made an impulse move and transferred from my Blogger format to this fresh new WordPress site.
(Much thanks to Liz for converting me).

I have to say I’m rather excited about it.

Yes, it’s a little less colorful, a little more sleek, but overall it’s just the same.
I spent the entire afternoon editing, and transferring blog info, and now I am done, and typing these words you are currently reading.

With all these changes comes a new motivation to dedicate myself a little more to this blog, and to all of my other work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really have been slacking off lately and now is definitely not the time for me to let myself fall behind.

Anyhow, as I had promised in my last video blog, here are a few photos from my photoshoot a few weeks ago, and a little step by step on how to achieve the look…

Photographer: Dan Druta
Model: Courtney
Makeup and Hair: Me

How I achieved the look –
1.) I started her eyeshadow base in a gold powder with light shimmer using a medium shadow brush, then added a darker bronze in the crease of her eye and blended out and upward, I also used the same bronze right under her eye (not too heavy).
2.) Next, I added highlight with a white shadow under her brow and in the inside corners of her eyes.
3.) Then, I lined her upper eye lid with a black cream shadow using a small angle brush and winged it out – I lightly lined the bottom of her eyes with a dark brown powder shadow using another angle brush.
4.) Then, I added mascara to both her  bottom and top lashes, and also gave her some fake eyelashes.
5.) I added a peach colored blush to her cheeks using a medium blush brush, blending upward from the apples of her cheeks following the contour of her cheekbone.
6.) Lastly, I used a high-shine lipgloss on her lips.

Hair: (Long hair only)
1.) I began by braiding two side sections of her hair on both sides of her head near her hairline by her ears.
2.) Then, teased the front part of her hair upward creating a “pouf” and pinned and sprayed it into place.
3.) Next, I pulled the rest of her hair into a ponytail (leaving the braided sections down) and teased, tucked and pinned it up to the back of her head. (Not tight, leave some volume there as well to balance the front “pouf”)
4. Last, I brought around her braids so they covered her forehead, crossed in the front, circled her “pouf” and also tucked them in at the back of her head, pinning them so the ends didn’t show.

Also, look forward to some new photos from my extremely awesome photoshoot this past weekend!

Until then,

Stay Cool