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POTD: 10.23.10 (I’m bad at blogging.)

23 Oct

Man, how many times have I said I’m bad at blogging? Well, I’m really bad at blogging, haha.

Things have been busy though. School has started, still doing projects on the weekends, keeping pretty occupied…

Halloween is a week away…’tis the season to face your greatest fears…

I’ve always been massively afraid of spiders. Ugh, they give me the creeps.

This little guy might be my only exception…

Gus the tarantula pug 1

Oh… and that announcement I vlogged about a little while ago? It’ll make itself known very soon…


POTD: 10.5.10

5 Oct

Time is flying…

Well, I survived my first week of Cosmetology School, but unfortunately I’m out sick today with a cold.

Hopefully I’ll recover and get back to the swing of things tomorrow…

In the meantime… ’tis the season for spooks.

Has everybody figured out their costumes yet? I’m still thinking of ideas…

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere

I remember being a black cat one year.

POTD: 7.15.10

15 Jul

Today is my boyfriend Jason and I’s 9 month anniversary.

Of course the POTD would be something related to that…

This is one of the first photos we took together back in October.  My hair was so long!


Jason and I

Spring Forward, Fall Back

4 Nov

Well, it’s been a little while, again. My apologies.

This blog’s gonna be a little more personal – just a warning.

(On a side note, found an amazing pair of shoes the other day! Pictures later. Hehehe…)

Considering I’m not really doing much other than school right now, you’d think I’d be able to dedicate more time to this writing thing.

Ah well…

At the moment, I’m watching Dancing with the Stars (Oh! The drama!), a little earlier I gorged on a delicious lemon bar my mother made. Yum.

Halloween this year was pretty fun, spending time with friends; overall good times.
A great night in Seattle.

It’s November now, October came and went, and it’s been quite a month of changes. Many, many changes, good and bad; time for reflection. Quite a bit of reflection actually, maybe a kind of soul-searching, in a way.

Since I got dropped from working on the play I’ve had quite a bit of free time, mostly to focus on school, which I should be doing anyway… I could focus a little more; probably a lot more, actually.

All of this has got me to thinking; this is the first time in a very long time that I haven’t had any extra-curricular “events” scheduled. It’s a strange feeling. I almost feel lazy, like I’m not doing enough. I’ve become so used to living at high speed, always moving, always something new to do. Sleepless nights, long work days… that feeling of being completely out of your mind yet still somehow in control of it all. Does this make any sense? It’s okay if it doesn’t.

I need something new to do, a new project, something…

I don’t want to just stop the forward motion. I’ve built up so much momentum up until now, I can’t stop.

So, I want to find something new to do.
Something exciting.

Art, photography, just something…

I may have a new photoshoot (make-up job) booked for later this month, so I’ll keep you all posted on that.


Oh yes, this – if any of you are television fans, you should check out my friend Liz’s blog, it’s pretty epic: Melted Brain

Check it.

Well, that’s probably enough for now.
More to come… so keep checking back.