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POTD: 10.23.10 (I’m bad at blogging.)

23 Oct

Man, how many times have I said I’m bad at blogging? Well, I’m really bad at blogging, haha.

Things have been busy though. School has started, still doing projects on the weekends, keeping pretty occupied…

Halloween is a week away…’tis the season to face your greatest fears…

I’ve always been massively afraid of spiders. Ugh, they give me the creeps.

This little guy might be my only exception…

Gus the tarantula pug 1

Oh… and that announcement I vlogged about a little while ago? It’ll make itself known very soon…


POTD: 7.10.10

10 Jul

Today I am doing makeup for a wedding in West Seattle.
I don’t think there could be a better day for a beach wedding.

I’ve only been to Alki beach a few times, but I always love the view.

On an unrelated note, isn’t this pug just so friggin’ adorable?