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22 Feb

Here’s to a new week, and new adventures!

Happy Monday to you all.

I’ve got quite a lot of news to share, and boy is it some BIG news.

BIG news #1 – I have made the decision to leave school at the Art Institute.

Now, I know what all of you are thinking… “WHY?! Why would you leave school Michelle?”

Well, I have several reasons.

For one, it was quite a lot of money for (at least how I felt) not much in return.
Two, I didn’t feel like I was quite fitting in.
Three, I felt that I could learn pretty much the same things they were teaching there for less than half the price elsewhere.
Four, communication was a mess, between teachers, financial aid, everything, it just seemed so disorganized sometimes.

Now I know that this is a big deal, and a big change, but I feel that it is for the best.
I am happy with this decision, and I am excited to get a fresh new start.

So, what am I gonna do now?

Well, for now, I am going to work as much as I can.

Then, hopefully in the Spring or Summer I will start taking online classes at Seattle Central and study business or marketing.

Now, in other news, I know I haven’t shared much with you in the past few weeks about what I’ve been up to, but hopefully that will change very soon.

This next week I’ll work very hard to update you on what I’ve been doing with lots, and lots of purrrty of pictures, and hopefully even some videos!

Now to news #2!

The short film I worked on a few months ago, TEETHING, has come to completion and the screening is in two weeks!

I am so very, very, excited.

Now, as a shameless plug here’s the TEASER TRAILER, and I also cordially invite you to come to the screening happening on Monday, March 8th at 7 pm at the ACT Theatre Bullitt Cabaret.

It is FREE FREE FREE (unless you want to make a donation for Festival entries), so come! And hopefully I will see you there!


(For some reason I can’t embed… *sigh*)

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon!


TEETHING – Teaser Photos

23 Oct

So, as I had said in my vlogcast earlier today, I was going to provide some very beautiful photos for you all to see of all the hard work everybody in the cast and crew put into the Teething project.

The photo you see above was taken by my wonderfully talented friend Hannah Marie Hayes, and there are few more teaser photos if you click here on this link below which will take you to Hannah’s flickr page:

More Teething Teasers

I cannot even begin to describe what an experience it has been to work on this project, it was truly an amazing opportunity. It was definitely hard work, but so very very worth it. It is beautiful, and I can’t wait for the whole world to see it.


Catching Up – Vlogcast 7

22 Oct

I know it’s been quite a little while, here’s a short little update on what I’ve been up to. Changes, good, and bad. More to come…