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Another Quick Update – Vlogcast 12

13 Apr

A short little update on what I have been doing lately. Photoshoots, movies, job hunting, apartment hunting, so much fun!


Another Overdue Update – Vlogcast 11

23 Mar

Here’s to another long overdue video update! Changes, projects, and so much to look forward to!

Vlogcast 9 – Tired and Wacky, What Else is New?

21 Nov

Here’s me,¬†tired, a little wacky,¬†with a few photoshoot updates. I’ll be posting something a little more substantial soon. Promise!

Vlogcast 8 – Photoshoots Galore

11 Nov

Here’s something we haven’t seen in a while… more of me… talking to a screen!

I’ve got some updates on photoshoots I’ve done, as well as photoshoots I have coming up…

Catching Up – Vlogcast 7

22 Oct

I know it’s been quite a little while, here’s a short little update on what I’ve been up to. Changes, good, and bad. More to come…

Spazz Attack – Vlogcast 6

10 Oct
It’s been a little while!
Here’s a short little Vlog update on what I’ve been up to, and will be up to…

Flu Blues – Vlogcast 5

2 Oct
I’m sick, and feeling gross, what better day to do a video blog?
Some updates on school, housing, and Project Runway…

– Have fair warning, I am not wearing make-up nor have any regards for personal hygiene at the moment…