Changes Changes…

24 Jun

Stylish in Seattle will be retiring it’s name this Summer… It’s been great to be able to share this blog with you all, but never fear! I’ll be back this Fall with my new blog The Makeup Session.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new and exciting stuff! I’ll keep mum on the details for now…

POTD: 4.29.11

29 Apr

The moment everyone was waiting for… twice!

I didn’t exactly stay up for the entire wedding… The alarm was originally set for 12:50 am so I can stay up and watch the wedding festivities; however, I opted for my sleep and sanity. I eventually woke up around 4 am to a fussing baby Sofia and turned on the TV to (groggily) catch the final moments of the new bride and groom walking back down the aisle, and of course witnessed that now historic double kiss. Sofia could be less aware of what was going on, but definitely helped to make the wedding memorable. Soon after the royal kiss, Sofia proceeded to barf all over me. Classic.

At least I can tell her that funny “royal” anecdote when she’s older.

Kate certainly looked picture perfect. The Alexander McQueen wedding dress was stunning on her, equally elegant as it was modest. It’s sad that McQueen was not alive to see what would surely have been a proud moment for him. No doubt that design will be a popular request of brides in the coming year.

I remember wondering earlier why everybody was making such a big fuss about the wedding, but I realize now how special it really was. I wasn’t alive to see the wedding of Diana and Charles in 1981, but I imagine that the mood was quite similar. This was something that the world needed. It’s literally the “Superbowl” for women. It’s what nearly every young girl wishes and imagines for herself: to be a Princess swept off her feet by a charming Prince. We all wish for that moment of walking down the aisle, the center of attention, feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world. This was the moment everybody wanted to see. That fairytale of the ordinary girl becoming a Princess… It was the glimmer of good news that people could focus on in a world full of trouble and conflict.

Best wishes to the new bride and groom.

POTD: 4.28.11

28 Apr

Less than 24 hours until the Royal Wedding!

Photo from the Official Wedding Program

Will you be watching?

POTD: Baby Gaga

27 Apr

So it’s true.

Lady GaGa is to be Elton John’s baby’s Godmother.

Who’dve thunk?

I can only image what an interesting life this baby boy will have.

POTD: Don’t Forget Japan

22 Apr

It’s been over a month since the earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan, but we should still remember that they still need help there. After living the first ten years of my life there, this disaster really hit home. I really appreciate everybody’s continued concern for my friends and family members living in Japan, they are all doing well.

I was looking through some photos from the most devastated areas of Japan this morning and this one really struck me: a reminder of life amid all the ruin.

If you’d like to donate to help the relief effort, here is a link to a list of reputable funds: Click Here.

An Off White Seattle

21 Apr

Just wanted to give a quick thanks and a shout out to Megan Bingham at Off White Makeup and Beauty for her recent blog post on my work with her and her company. I’ve been working with Megan at Off White since  last spring doing makeup and hair for weddings throughout the greater Seattle area and the experience has been awesome. Megan is excellent at what she does, and I really admire her entrepreneurial spirit. Specializing in airbrush makeup we work to make each and every bride look and feel beautiful for their  special day. Each wedding party is so unique; I’ve had a chance to travel and see some great places and meet a lot of different people, each with their own special story.

I can’t wait to get going again this wedding season with Megan. If you want a guarantee you’ll feel beautiful on your wedding day, you know who to call!

Birth and Beyond…

11 Apr

Yes! I have returned after a long hiatus, and now have a beautiful baby girl in tow.

One month and one day ago, my little Sofia Aya arrived into the world.
She is adorable, and I’m pretty sure she knows it.

The past few weeks have been a huge transition for me; I have a baby to take care of now. She is this tiny little bundle of joy and every other emotion you can think of.

I’ve realized that you really can’t know how much you’ll enjoy motherhood until it happens to you. I love every minute of it; even through groggy 2 am diaper changes, feedings, and seemingly endless crying. Sofia is perfect.

I would be lying though if I said I wasn’t tired, but I feel like my body is quickly adjusting to running on 3 to 4 hour blocks of sleep. Not to mention, all that advice I shrugged off before is really coming in handy. I nap when I can, and I relish in the quiet times.

Parenting is 24/7, it’s definitely not easy, and it’s not always fun, but I’m not afraid to tackle any obstacles that come with raising a baby. She is worth every (literal) blood, sweat, and tear.

In the beginning it was hard to do anything else but focus on the baby, but now I am slowly finding time for myself as well.

With that being said, I really want to get back to my creative ventures. Now that I’m taking some time off from school I can get back to my projects that have been long put off. I want to write more, get back to music, and do more of that “artsy” stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting a lot of things accomplished this spring and summer. I’m feeling motivated, now more than ever to be successful. Not only for myself but so Sofia can have a good life as well.

Now with baby Sofia at my side I can be the on-the-go glamour momma I always saw myself becoming.

…and yes I can still be stylish, even changing a dirty diaper.